YaPiG PHP Cross Reference Image Galleries
TEXT#last_gallery.php#81202107/04/2005 09:36Show Last gallery thumbnail Sample of usage. In the file you want to view the thumbnail add these lines:
TEXT#tmp.php#67707/04/2005 09:37
TEXTCHANGELOG2381002307/04/2005 09:36
TEXTINSTALL39161607/04/2005 09:36
TEXTREADME85301107/04/2005 09:36
TEXTTODO2165007/04/2005 09:37
PHPadd_comment.php189487407/04/2005 09:36This module adds a comment file in $gid_dir . $gid . "_" .$phid file Each File will have this format if $SEPARATOR=":";
PHPadd_gallery.php149418707/04/2005 09:36
PHPadmin.php117309207/04/2005 09:36Main admin module. This module presents login form and main admin page. Most of admin tasks are implemented in other admin modules. such as modify_gallery, delete_gallery, etc..
PHPadmin_func.php7662224907/04/2005 09:36This module contains all funtions used by all admin modules. I.e: admin.php, add_gallery.php, modify_gallery.php, delete_gallery.php
PHPconfig.php343767407/04/2005 09:36Yapig (Yet Another PHP Image Gallery) - Configuration File - This file contains all configurable options of Yapig.
PHPdatafile_func.php436963107/04/2005 09:36These functions handle datafiles Definition: _datafile_ is a file with this line format:
PHPdelete_gallery.php142397207/04/2005 09:36This script does all tasks related to deletion of a gallery.
PHPexif.php9473995307/04/2005 09:36
PHPfunctions.php4071089807/04/2005 09:36These functions are common to the different files: admin an user packages.
PHPgallery.php71190607/04/2005 09:36This script generates the index of all galleries.
PHPglobal.php208385107/04/2005 09:36Global Variables. These variables are global variables that are not part of the config.php, so a YaPiG admin should not modify them unless if he knows what is doing.
PHPindex.php2031907/04/2005 09:36Index. It does almost nothing. Maybe in the future will have more importance.
PHPinstall.php226617807/04/2005 09:36YaPiG Installer. This script does the following tasks:
PHPinstall_func.php126371507/04/2005 09:36
PHPlast_gallery.php81202007/04/2005 09:36Show Last gallery thumbnail Sample of usage. In the file you want to view the thumbnail add these lines:
PHPlocale.php4095707/04/2005 09:36YaPiG Internationalization module
PHPlocale_func.php228582207/04/2005 09:36YaPiG Internationalization module Original Idea: http://phplasmonges.sf.net MODIFIED FOR YAPIG Integration Read locale/GETTEXT.txt for more information about how to get .po files and how to translate it into your language. There is more documentation about this subject in doc/translations.html
PHPmodify_gallery.php298872307/04/2005 09:36This script does all tasks related to modification of a gallery.
PHPmodify_phid.php3771086607/04/2005 09:36This script does all tasks related to modification of a gallery. Receives on query string:
PHPsample.php2463907/04/2005 09:36
PHPslideshow.php146391707/04/2005 09:36
PHPstats_func.php68177107/04/2005 09:36
PHPupload.php161410107/04/2005 09:37File Uploads Based on Matt Thomsom patch 0.83b
PHPview.php148444907/04/2005 09:37Here we have de code that shows a gallery index or an image with its comments
PHPview_func.php5191503007/04/2005 09:37Functions that use the gallery and image viewer. Basically, these functions do things like create the index of galleries (view the thumbnail and information about a gallery), the index of thumbnails of a particular gallery (thumbnails and links to view the image bigger). As well, there are functions to create the navigation bars (next or previous gallery||image) and things like that.