YACS PHP Cross Reference Content Management Systems
PHPbrowse.php4561721302/16/2011 03:35browse a collection
PHPcollections.php3381856009/13/2010 12:56
PHPconfigure.php3131358402/16/2011 03:35define collections and related parameters
PHPfetch.php204716602/16/2011 03:35download one file
PHPindex.php100360009/13/2010 12:56use collections to extend the scope of your server to existing file heaps
PHPplay_audio.php244801402/16/2011 03:35list all audio files in a playlist
PHPplay_slideshow.php4021384409/20/2011 08:54play all images in a slideshow
PHPstream.php271905402/16/2011 03:35stream a file
PHPupload.php226776009/20/2011 08:54upload files in a collection