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TEXTchangelog.txt147210092512/03/2012 10:23 14:36Sample configuration file, edit it and save it as in the installation directory. Don't forget to create the .htaccess file as well. You can either use the sample file that's included in the papaya distribution ("htaccess.tpl") or have your htaccess file created by our papaya-specific htaccess-generator:
TEXTcredits.txt33107111/22/2010 05:45
TEXTdatabase-table.xsd166520507/19/2012 10:30
PHPgopapaya.php6391452009/09/2013 12:22Test your server
TEXTgpl.txt2791516004/03/2007 04:51
TEXThtaccess.tpl41181004/07/2011 07:40
TEXTliesmich.txt4081440411/22/2010 05:45
TEXTreadme.txt4081346611/22/2010 05:45
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