papaya CMS PHP Cross Reference Content Management Systems
PHPbase_actionbox.php152400909/09/2013 14:54Base class of action box objects box plugins must be inherited from this superclass
PHPbase_auth.php16755001909/18/2013 11:58Administration user authentification
PHPbase_auth_secure.php3601042910/23/2013 07:19User autentification secure functions
PHPbase_boxes.php272790402/07/2014 10:44Manage action boxes, database handling and parsing
PHPbase_boxes_public.php105308402/07/2014 10:44Manage action boxes, database handling and parsing
PHPbase_boxeslinks.php8752898302/07/2014 10:44Link Box with page
PHPbase_btnbuilder.php171465309/09/2013 14:54Button bar delegation-class
PHPbase_connector.php41117609/09/2013 14:54basic class for connector plugins
PHPbase_content.php176413509/09/2013 14:54Basic class for page modules All page modules must inherit from this object
PHPbase_cron.php13834333409/09/2013 14:54Cronjob-administration
PHPbase_cronjob.php105281509/09/2013 14:54Basic object for all cronjobs. Cronjob objects must inherit this class.
PHPbase_crontime.php47122809/09/2013 14:54Basic object of all time calculation modules Objects must inherit this class
PHPbase_csv.php3451133709/09/2013 14:54This class provides functionality to load and export CSV data as well as other helpful methods around CSV. Interesting methods: base_csv::getInstance() - get an instance of this class $csvObj->readCSVFile() - read a CSV file into an array $csvObj->readCSVData() - read a CSV string into an array base_csv::outputCSV() - output a string as a CSV file for download base_csv::escapeForCSV() - escape field content for CSV See each methods documentation for more details.
PHPbase_datafilter.php85196509/09/2013 14:54data filter base class
PHPbase_datafilter_list.php212611709/09/2013 14:54Data filter base class
PHPbase_datebox.php105302809/09/2013 14:54Basic object for all date box objects (calendar)
PHPbase_db2xml.php227745509/09/2013 14:54Export database structur as XML
PHPbase_dialog.php17205536603/07/2014 08:19Delegation-class for dialogs This class can be used to easily create dialogs for back- and frontend applications. It features a check for dialog input supporting predefined types and PCREs. A token is used to prevent multiple submissions of a dialog. Captchas are available.
PHPbase_domains.php3601176409/09/2013 14:54domain management basic class
PHPbase_dynamicimage.php175486509/19/2013 09:02Base class of dynamic image plugins image plugins must be inherited from this superclass
PHPbase_dynform.php10503588809/09/2013 14:54Dynamic form contains of XML-data
PHPbase_formdesigner.php12494214002/07/2014 10:44Design forms
PHPbase_formdsg_xml.php2631074409/09/2013 14:54form designer
PHPbase_frontend_form.php90302109/09/2013 14:54Frontend form service class.
PHPbase_htmlpurifier.php4641402209/09/2013 14:54HTML Purifier Wrapper HTML Purifier information current version 2.1.3-lite, LGPL v2.1+ (
PHPbase_imagegenerator.php4081217309/09/2013 14:54Generate dynamic images
PHPbase_import.php4831374009/09/2013 14:54content import handling
PHPbase_importfilter.php59150309/09/2013 14:54import filter
PHPbase_language_select.php247675609/12/2013 08:59Language managment UI and Content
PHPbase_languages.php4591432809/19/2013 09:03Language managment UI and Content
PHPbase_linktypes.php217718409/09/2013 14:54Linktypes basic object
PHPbase_mediadb.php18546704301/16/2014 10:14Basic class for media db file handling - access only, no modifying Use this class to fetch mediadb file and folder information. No INSERT or UPDATE queries allowed here! If you intend to add a method, please notify the author and please don't change the behaviour of any method without prior cosultation.
PHPbase_mediadb_edit.php10383653101/16/2014 10:14Basic class for media db file handling - creating, modifying Use this class to add, edit and delete files and folders in the mediadb. If you intend to add a method, please notify the author and please don't change the behaviour of any method without prior cosultation. All methods in this class have to be independent from $this->params! Implement your method in the admin class if necessary or abstract it and put it here.
PHPbase_mediadb_mimetypes.php3191036009/09/2013 14:54Basic mimetypes database access class Use this class to fetch mimegroup or mimetype information. Editing mimetypes takes place in papaya_mediadb.
PHPbase_mediadb_rpc.php189620109/09/2013 14:54Basic class for media db xmlrpc requests
PHPbase_messages.php6501763509/09/2013 14:54Message service
PHPbase_mimetypes.php123368109/09/2013 14:54Mimetype data
PHPbase_module.php112241109/09/2013 14:54superclass for administration plugins All modules must inherit this class
PHPbase_module_options.php203637811/12/2013 05:07singleton class for modules to load and save options
PHPbase_msgdialog.php288706009/09/2013 14:54Delegation-class for Message-Boxen $hidden = array( 'cmd' => $this->params['cmd'], 'id' => $this->params['id'], // Of course you don't use 'id'. Name it! 'confirm' => 1 ); $msg = $this->_gtf('Do you really want to delete "%s" (#%d)?', array($name, $id)); // $type may be 'question', 'hint', 'info' or 'error' $this->dialog = new base_msgdialog($this, $this->paramName, $hidden, $msg, $type); $this->dialog->buttonTitle = 'Delete'; // don't use _gt(), it will be applied automatically $this->layout->add($this->dialog->getMsgDialog());
PHPbase_options.php5452244503/31/2014 11:05Basic options of papaya project
PHPbase_outputfilter.php127270209/09/2013 14:54output filter
PHPbase_parsermodule.php128322407/03/2012 05:45Base class of parser plugins image plugins must be inherited from this superclass
PHPbase_phraseeditor.php11133474401/29/2014 08:54basic class translation engine
PHPbase_plugin.php7802199111/12/2013 04:53Superclass for all plugin superclasses
PHPbase_plugin_alias.php69193909/09/2013 14:54basic object for all alias plugin objects alias plugins can implement special redirects (404 file handling)
PHPbase_pluginloader.php149435812/03/2011 08:25plugin registry, load plugins using the guid
PHPbase_robots.php167801609/09/2013 14:54Class to identify robots by useragentstrings
PHPbase_searchstringparser.php6581615409/09/2013 14:54String parser for search input
PHPbase_selectview.php4291538010/16/2013 04:04Select view class
PHPbase_simpletemplate.php274703410/21/2013 12:26simple template system for emails and small user texts
PHPbase_sitemap.php10953229501/29/2014 08:54Sitemap basic class
PHPbase_spamfilter.php4421182309/09/2013 14:54Spam filter base class, collect text and check for spam
PHPbase_statictables.php205401109/09/2013 14:54Define some status tables
PHPbase_statistic_actions.php162526909/09/2013 14:54Basic statistic object with logging for actions
PHPbase_statistic_entries.php7822865109/09/2013 14:54This class provides database access methods for processing statistic entries
PHPbase_statistic_entries_tracking.php167592209/19/2013 09:07This class provides means of tracking events that will be evaluated statistically. Here is an example code. You will have to adapt it to your requirements. $entriesObj = base_statistic_entries_tracking::getInstance(); $guid = $this->moduleGuid; $entryType = 'post_viewed'; $parameters = array( 'surfer' => $surferObj->surferId, 'post' => $this->postId, 'search' => $this->params['searchstring'], ); $entriesObj->logEntry($guid, $entryType, $parameters);
PHPbase_statistic_logging.php3351166509/09/2013 14:54Basic statistic object with logging
PHPbase_surfer.php21467265504/10/2014 06:52Base surfer (community user)
PHPbase_surferlinks.php5061480709/09/2013 14:54Connect sufer permissions and page
PHPbase_switch_richtext.php161491309/09/2013 14:54Switch richtext editor in UI
PHPbase_tags.php15275157902/11/2014 10:37Tags basic object
PHPbase_thumbnail.php10973297607/04/2012 09:47Thumbnail creation
PHPbase_topic.php11333376602/07/2014 10:44page superclass
PHPbase_topic_edit.php519918106501/29/2014 08:54page adminsitration class
PHPbase_topic_navigation.php253677509/09/2013 14:54Basic object for topic navigation
PHPbase_topiclist.php3521094609/09/2013 14:54Create topic list
PHPbase_topictree.php8582655609/09/2013 14:54Basic topic tree object
PHPbase_url_analyze.php150430709/09/2013 14:54url parsing and comparsion
PHPbase_urlmounter.php4461317209/09/2013 14:54Edit URL basic class
PHPbase_viewlist.php22237407809/12/2013 10:31View list basic class
PHPpapaya_alias_tree.php8332683209/09/2013 14:54Object to display a alias tree (n-dimensional)
PHPpapaya_auth_secure.php7452213509/09/2013 14:54User autentification secure functions - show data
PHPpapaya_boxes.php319810796702/07/2014 10:44Manage action boxes
PHPpapaya_boxeslinks.php7882649602/07/2014 10:44Link Box with preview page
PHPpapaya_datafilter_list.php7922387709/12/2013 13:50data filter plugins administration
PHPpapaya_dynform.php156441609/09/2013 14:54Dynamic forms consists of XML-data for admin section
PHPpapaya_editmodules.php3461217009/09/2013 14:54Administration class for change modules
PHPpapaya_errors.php116320109/09/2013 14:54Error object collect errors and return them on request
PHPpapaya_file_delivery.php3501133209/09/2013 14:54Deliver binary content
PHPpapaya_filter_passthru.php73177307/01/2013 09:15output filter that just return the xml/data
PHPpapaya_help.php3261046509/09/2013 14:54Online Help
PHPpapaya_imageconvert.php64190809/09/2013 14:54image converter
PHPpapaya_imagegenerator.php7352266309/09/2013 14:54papaya object to configure dynamic imageConfs
PHPpapaya_import.php7632271109/12/2013 13:50Page import handler class
PHPpapaya_installer.php17005552901/29/2014 08:54Install default database
PHPpapaya_javaobject.php165527709/09/2013 14:54papaya java object class
PHPpapaya_linktypes.php4951743409/19/2013 04:43Linktypes Administration
PHPpapaya_locking.php238564209/09/2013 14:54locking of elements
PHPpapaya_log.php8492747001/17/2013 06:41Provides admin functionality for log messages
PHPpapaya_mediadb.php545019820001/16/2014 10:14Papaya media db administration class - provides the backend
PHPpapaya_mediadb_browser.php11333821609/12/2013 13:50Papaya media db browser class
PHPpapaya_mediadb_mime.php12084086109/09/2013 14:54Papaya media db administration class - provides the backend
PHPpapaya_mediadb_rpc.php82251909/09/2013 14:54class for media db xmlrpc requests in papaya backend
PHPpapaya_messages.php10413436409/09/2013 14:54message service
PHPpapaya_module_options.php71192009/09/2013 14:54Administration interface class for module options
PHPpapaya_modulemanager.php352012289301/29/2014 08:54Administration Papaya modules
PHPpapaya_navigation.php289775606/06/2013 05:05Create base navigagtion for papaya admin area
PHPpapaya_options.php13594467309/09/2013 14:54papaya_options variable
PHPpapaya_output.php3841221609/12/2013 12:18manage an output filter
PHPpapaya_overview.php10303276211/13/2013 10:38Create topic list
PHPpapaya_page.php28019224903/13/2014 09:59Output page controller
PHPpapaya_paging_buttons.php204707109/12/2013 09:04paging buttons for listviews and other uses
PHPpapaya_parser.php17065608103/31/2014 11:21Parser for special tags like papaya:media, papaya:link and papaya:popup
PHPpapaya_publicboxeslinks.php205668802/07/2014 10:44papaya_public_boxeslinks variable
PHPpapaya_publictopic.php298922310/23/2013 11:07Show published pages
PHPpapaya_rpc.php7032401009/09/2013 14:54Control particular activities (example: for flash)
PHPpapaya_spamfilter.php15224957509/09/2013 14:54Spam filter admin class, collect text and check for spam
PHPpapaya_strings.php8352498211/27/2013 10:05some string handling functions
PHPpapaya_swfobject.php5091513309/09/2013 14:54Papaya swf object class
PHPpapaya_systemtest.php8102003509/09/2013 14:54system test for papaya
PHPpapaya_taglinks.php13474549110/31/2013 06:48Tags Administration
PHPpapaya_tags.php25388649509/09/2013 14:54Tags Administration
PHPpapaya_tagselector.php9413089510/31/2013 06:48Tags Administration
PHPpapaya_todo.php7642308509/09/2013 14:54Object to display user todo list
PHPpapaya_topic.php127390307/12/2012 10:21Load / Save page (n-dimensional)
PHPpapaya_topic_tree.php10653674006/17/2013 11:30Object to show sitemap in edit area (n-dimensional)
PHPpapaya_user.php22897032809/09/2013 14:54User account management class for papaya. This includes the management of user accounts, user groups, and access privileges.
PHPpapaya_xsl.php231595801/29/2014 08:54XSL Layout-object with XML data buffer
PHPsys_base_db.php176739709/11/2013 14:05Implementation of the basic class for database access useful: databaseDebugNextQuery($n) : shows explain for the next $n queries, call before query of course often used (no need for writing more SQL than you have to): databaseInsertRecord : inserts a record in the database (may return the auto_incremented key if $key is not NULL) databaseInsertRecords : inserts multiple records in the database databaseDeleteRecord : deletes records from the database databaseUpdateRecord : updates an existing record in the database databaseQueryFmtWrite : use if default insert/updateRecord isn't enough databaseQueryFmt : use for select statements, the parameters will get escaped automatically rarely used (for good reasons, you should know why, if you use these): databaseQueryWrite : inserts/updates; if you use this, make sure the input is sanitized! databaseQuery : selects; if you use this, make sure the input is sanitized!
PHPsys_base_db_statistic.php129453309/09/2013 14:54This extends the base_db class to allow separate databases for statistics
PHPsys_base_object.php10943347902/13/2014 04:30Implementation super class Provides basic functionality for all other classes
PHPsys_checkit.php6081556909/09/2013 14:54Implementation of input check functions Check if strings for example match email address syntax
PHPsys_db_simple.php9892882807/02/2013 14:48DB- abstraction layer Class for handle database requests
PHPsys_email.php15424524601/29/2014 08:54Email class
PHPsys_error.php82196109/09/2013 14:54basic class for handling errors
PHPsys_phrases.php4161156809/09/2013 14:54Implementation phrase management Provides functionality for translation
PHPsys_pidfile.php139323109/09/2013 14:54Administration implementation of programm id files for Papaya-Cron-Moduls
PHPsys_simple_xmltree.php235665207/19/2012 10:30XML handling factory class
PHPsys_xsl.php238593809/09/2013 14:54Implementation of XSL-processing
PHPsys_zip.php100245609/09/2013 14:54Zip funtions (abstraction)