Interact PHP Cross Reference Learning Management Systems
PHPaccess.php179585307/30/2007 14:57Group Access Code Page If a group is restricted and user is not a member, then this page requests an access code. If access code correct then user_key is entered in the GroupUserlinks table and user is forwarded to the group
PHPemailmembers.php214681312/10/2007 16:02email group members Displays a form to email group members
PHPexcelstats.php110381807/30/2007 14:57Excel stats View group statistics as an excel spreadsheet
CSSgroup.css14207/23/2007 16:44 14:34Group module add/modify/delete functions file Contains the main functions for adding/modifying/deleting a group module
PHPgroup.php4611558511/01/2007 11:43Group module Displays the group module start page
PHPgroup_input.php3321022007/30/2007 14:57Group module Inputs/modifies/deletes a group module 11:09InteractGroup Class Contains the Group class for all methods and datamembers related to groups
PHPmemberedit.php314974407/30/2007 14:57Edit members Edit the members of a group
PHPmembers.php3661126408/15/2007 13:58Group members Displays a list of group members
PHPnewmembers.php185570807/30/2007 14:57Group module Displays details of any new members in a group
PHPstatistics.php3121135307/30/2007 14:57View statistics View statistics information for a group