GeSHi PHP Cross Reference Developer Tools
PHPaliased.php123388308/19/2012 16:24Another GeSHi example script
PHPcssgen.php4661500708/19/2012 16:24
PHPcssgen2.php59211108/19/2012 16:24A simple script which outputs the CSS classes for all languages supported by GeSHi. You can access it directly to download the CSS file. On *NIX you can also do a simple `php cssgen.php > geshi.css`.
PHPexample.php217845508/19/2012 16:24GeSHi example script
PHPlangcheck.php7693975908/19/2012 16:24GeSHi language file validation script
PHPlangwiz.php11583828408/19/2012 16:24GeSHi example script