b2evolution PHP Cross Reference Blogging Systems
PHP_body_footer.inc.php82231903/06/2013 05:34This is the footer include template.
PHP_item_block.inc.php197638203/08/2014 08:59This is the template that displays the item block
PHP_skin.class.php100243803/26/2013 12:44This file implements a class derived of the generic Skin class in order to provide custom code for the skin in this folder. This file is part of the b2evolution project - {@link http://b2evolution.net/}
PHPfeedback_popup.main.php74263203/06/2013 05:34This is the comments-popup page template.
PHPindex.main.php210803207/17/2013 12:52This is the main/default page template.
CSSitem.css726010/25/2011 00:32These are the styles that are used INSIDE of a blog item/post. The skin should include this into its design, but this should ALSO be included in the backoffice when viewing/editing posts.
CSSstyle.css293451609/12/2013 13:41