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PHP_body_footer.inc.php60163003/06/2013 05:34This is the BODY footer include template.
PHP_body_header.inc.php76256503/06/2013 05:34This is the BODY header include template.
PHP_item_block.inc.php163463403/08/2014 08:59This is the template that displays the item block
PHP_sidebar.inc.php49147403/06/2013 05:34This is the sidebar include template.
PHP_skin.class.php102262503/26/2013 12:44This file implements a class derived of the generic Skin class in order to provide custom code for the skin in this folder. This file is part of the b2evolution project - {@link http://b2evolution.net/}
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PHPpage.main.php124438703/06/2013 05:34This is the main/default page template.
PHPsingle.main.php202666807/17/2013 12:52This is the main/default page template.
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