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Description: This file implements the file type class. This file is part of the evoCore framework - {@link http://evocore.net/} See also {@link http://sourceforge.net/projects/evocms/}.

Author: fplanque: Francois PLANQUE.
Author: mbruneau: Marc BRUNEAU / PROGIDISTRI
Copyright: (c)2003-2014 by Francois Planque - {@link http://fplanque.com/}
Version: $Id: _filetype.class.php 6136 2014-03-08 07:59:48Z manuel $
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Filetype:: (6 methods):

Class: Filetype

Filetype Class

Filetype( $db_row = NULL )  line: 52

param: table Database row
load_from_Request()  line: 84
Load data from Request form fields.

return: boolean true if loaded data seems valid.
set( $parname, $parvalue, $make_null = false )  line: 147
Set param value

By default, all values will be considered strings

return: boolean true, if a value has been set; false if it has not changed
param: string parameter name
param: mixed parameter value
param: boolean true to set to NULL if empty value
get_icon()  line: 172
Return the img html code of the icon

return: string
get_extensions()  line: 190
Get list of extensions for this filetype.
The first is being considered the default / most appropriate one.

return: array
is_allowed( $allow_locked = NULL )  line: 201
Get if filetype is allowed for the currentUser

return: boolean true if currentUser is allowed to upload/rename files with this filetype, false otherwise
param: boolean locked files are allowed for the current user.