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PHP_admin.php78188203/06/2013 11:49This is the admin config file This sets how the back-office/admin interface works
PHP_advanced.php7932619411/18/2013 07:02This file includes advanced settings for the evoCore framework. Please NOTE: You should not comment variables out to prevent URL overrides.
PHP_application.php78254905/15/2014 18:25This is b2evolution's application config file.
PHP_basic_config.template.php126480006/08/2012 20:02This is b2evolution's basic config file. You do NOT need to edit this file. In most situations, the installer will do it for you. If however you are doing a MANUAL install, make sure you do NOT edit _basic_config.template.php ! You should edit _basic_config.php instead. If _basic_config.php doesn't exist yet, then open _basic_config.template.php and SAVE it AS _basic_config.php.
PHP_config.php159605508/01/2013 20:24This is b2evolution's main config file, which just includes all the other config files. This file should not be edited. You should edit the sub files instead.
PHP_formatting.php172927810/10/2012 05:57This is b2evolution's formatting config file. This file sets how b2evolution will parse and format texts (posts, comments, etc.) Last significant changes to this file: version 1.6
PHP_icons.php7971995601/16/2014 16:47This file provides icon definitions through a function. Will resolve translations at runtime and consume less memory than a table.
PHP_locales.php4241215809/20/2013 10:40This is b2evolution's localization & language config file This file sets the default configuration for locales. IMPORTANT: Most of these settings can be overriden in the admin (regional settings) and will then be saved to the database. The database settings superseede settings in this file. Last significant changes to this file: version 1.6
HTML_maintenance.html2788410/25/2011 00:32
PHP_stats.php3261098601/20/2014 18:19This is b2evolution's stats config file.
PHP_upgrade.php110362803/08/2014 08:59This file includes upgrade settings for b2evolution. b2evolution - {@link http://b2evolution.net/} Released under GNU GPL License - {@link http://b2evolution.net/about/license.html}
HTMLindex.html23131010/25/2011 00:32
TEXTlicense.txt2931595610/25/2011 00:32
TEXTsample.htaccess39302/22/2013 00:18
TEXTupgrade_policy_sample.conf61183204/01/2013 20:34